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Looking for Wisdom...

(really just me ranting)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sorry, folks. It’s not going to happen. Between my car being out of commission and packing to move and leaving most of my tools in Huston, I just can’t finish this issue. Among the missing tools is my 36” ruler, T-Square, and my large French Curve. Also, all of my No-Repro Blue pencils and all of my tech pens got left behind. I look at what I have drawn so far for the next update, and I’m ashamed to admit that it was I who drew it. I may yet save it, but some of my pencil lines have gotten quite dark (I press too hard when I’m frustrated) and I may not be able to erase some of them.

I am also doing a minor costume re-design for Revolver. Fortunately, the part of her outfit that I’m not happy with got covered with a word-bubble. This reminds me, I’m also trying to figure out how to draw my word bubbles and my art in the same space so that I don’t confuse my readers anymore. Some of my bubbles got in strange order on that last issue.

So, what I am doing is a site-design and maintenance turn. I am working on the Character page and a Misc Art page. Some others will happen as they happen, so stop holding your breath already.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So my last update was a week late. I know.

And the art style went all wonky. I know!

It was an experiment, and it seams that i have managed to get it out of my system. The next update is going to be the extreme opposite, and may prove to be the norm for Looking for... Something?

In the mean time, I am preparing to move to Huston. The comic may miss a week or two real soon as I have no comics in the buffer. The next update is becoming real intensive as well. Oh yea, I almost forgot. I managed to leave all of my art tool in Huston when I visited my parents last week, and I have been trying to finish the next update using a spare pencil and a brush. I don't think it's working. I may resort to scanning it in just pencils, sans ink and such. Fortunately i have a few days to consider this.



Okay, I’ve tried to get this fancy way of updating my little blog to work, and it won’t. So, I’m-a doin’ it the ole’ fashioned way.

So this is the deal, team. LfS is on its third weekly update (yea!) and I currently have one extra comic loaded in reserve. I have very little left to finish and upload two more, and that will take up through the beginning of next year. With that said, I should probably introduce my characters.

The story takes place in the fictional Fort City. Timeframe is considered to be the present.

First up is Glock. His real mane is Vincent Kirthwaite. He also goes by “Vin.” You may have noticed that Nail has a few other nicknames for Glock. He’s about 24-25, and comes from a family background of vigilantes. Farther on in the story, he will go further into that. Needless to say, he is a vigilante because everyone sort of expected him to become one. Although everyone also expected his sister to become one, too, and look what happened to her!

Next on the hit list is Nail. Nail is 19, raised in the circus as an acrobat/sideshow attraction. She has a talent for flexibility and quick reflexes; her sideshow booth featured her catching knives thrown at her face and then tying herself in a knot. Nail has been with “The Watch” for about six months and is learning quickly, as is evidenced by her position on the Night Watch. She has a crush on Glock that he’s not thrilled about. There might be some other people that are less than amused by her affection for Vin, but we’ll meet them later.

Finally, The Watch. Short for “The Fort City Crime Watch.” Organized by a vigilante for vigilantes. The Watch is extended some of the legal rights of the police, but their jurisdiction is highly regulated and since they are not regular police they can take some liberties the cops can’t. Watch members, for example, can conduct private investigations, but the evidence they collect is inadmissible in court. Some crimes are considered “regular police” territory my nature, where others require the special attention of privateers.

Not all vigilantes are legal. Only members of The Watch are licensed for vigilante work, and they go through very strict psychological evaluation before training even begins.

I think that’s all you really need to know for now, soon more characters will join the fray.

‘Till then,



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